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< 0ms

That's the total load time of a new WordPress installation on a standard BitWP plan.

Need more horsepower? Scale your site up and down with pro-rated addons.

With server-side caching enabled, a standard WordPress installation on BitWP can sustain thousands of visitors per minute with < 1s load times.


We use a combination of Kubernetes and Docker for out-of-this-world speed and durability.

This architecture is compatible with all WordPress installations and allows us to deploy security patches and platform improvements transparently.

If the node hosting your site experiences an issue, your site will be migrated to a healthy node in seconds.

No restrictions

We don't meter (or limit) visits, and you are allowed to use 100% of your plan's resources.

There is a generous monthly transfer limit to prevent abuse – that's it.

We bundle SSH, SFTP, Git, and WP-CLI with every plan.

Finally, there are absolutely no restrictions to the plugins you can use on our platform.

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